Why Use Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test?

Berkeley Test is the most inexpensive and easy-to-use saliva test strips for measuring total body bioavailability of Nitric Oxide, a naturally-produced vascular fitness factor. The test strips can be used by athletes to ‘fine tune’ their natural whole food diets in order to optimize their training and race performance.

The surrogate marker and precursor for Nitric Oxide is found in saliva¬†after the consumption of vegetables high in nitrates (like beets and kale). ¬†High levels of this N.O. marker are indicative of increased endurance and elevated performance, while low levels are associated with fatigue and early ‘burn out’.

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How to Use Berkeley Test Strips

On one end of the strip is the saliva absorption pad (“saliva here”) that collects saliva from your your tongue. The other end is the Nitric Oxide test pad (as highlighted by the dark line).

1. Place the collection pad (“saliva here”) on your tongue for 3-5 seconds to collect saliva. Be sure that the pad is completely saturated with saliva.

2. Remove the strip from your mouth and fold the two ends of the strip together.

3. Firmly but GENTLY press the absorption pad against the Nitric Oxide test pad for 3-5 seconds to transfer the saliva. Be sure the pads do not stick together after releasing.

4. After pressing together for 3-5 seconds, release and watch the test pad change color within 45 seconds. If the Nitric Oxide pad remains white with a hue of light pink, you have low Nitric Oxide levels; however, if the pad shows a deep pinkish-red, your levels are elevated.

5. Compare your Nitric Oxide test strip to the color chart provided below to read your Nitric Oxide Level.